Finally finalizing

So.. this site was supposed to go public a few months ago and I’ve been avoiding working on it (for no apparent reason), but I’ve finally come around and finished it (sort of); There is still some empty pages and lackluster degree of polish, but overall it’s acceptable.

The design turned out to work well for what I had in mind, it’s not perfect and I am sure I am going to revisit it at some point (in the very hypothetical future). Yashia helped me greatly with that and is hopefully also going to fix the currently very weird looking mobile and tablet view.

So yeah, my site is finally up and I can now work on adding content. I do plan on writing stuff in this blog whenever there is something interesting to write about. There is actually a fairly interesting topic I really want to cover, I don’t want to go into details here (since it’s really math and programming heavy/dry), but it will be about Smoothing Voxels in a procedurally generated 3D Terrain – for a project I am working on.

Speaking of projects, I have to admit it’s I’ve been a bit unorganized lately, I’ve been jumping around between projects way too much, resulting in a lot of wasted time. While I think it’s fun to write small stuff/snippets it really hurts my plans in the long run as it just leads to a lot of actually very interesting things just getting added to the list of “projects I am probably never going to finish”. That said, I am trying to do better, has been a victim of this far too much in the past months (or year), and I don’t think that the community or the project itself deserves that. So here’s hoping that I can finally go about finishing all the things I’ve set out to do, before inevitably starting the next.

Stay healthy!